1. All dogs must be current on Rabies, Bordatella (required every six months) and DHLPP.
    (Proof will be kept on file with us)
  2. All dogs over 6 months must be spayed or neutered.
  3. All dogs must be well socialized and non-aggressive.
  4. All dogs must be current on their flea, tick, and heartworm medication.
  5. We cannot accept a dog that can scale a 4′ fence.
  6. We must have an emergency contact number.
    (both a local contact, and a cell phone contact while traveling)

We welcome visits prior to boarding or daycare to see our location for yourself.
We are confident you will like what you see.

  • We require a $50.00 deposit for booking on Holidays.
  • Your dog will be given the same freedom that we give our dogs. This means your dog will be free to roam our home (with some exclusions) and have complete access to the large fenced-in yard via the doggie door.
  • Most of the time, the dogs want to be near us. In the office, we have a large window seat with multiple individual cubby’s below which is where everyone seems to congregate.
  • If your dog sleeps with you, they may sleep with us. (Providing they can find a spot, it can get pretty crowded up there.) If not, you may bring your dog’s favorite bed.
  • Some days, for a short amount of time, your dog may be unattended while we run errands. Your dog will not be left unsupervised until it is ascertained that all dogs get along. If you are not comfortable with this, your dog can be crated while we are away.
  • With prior approval, we will give your dogs medications. (Extra charge may apply)
  • Office hours: 8:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. Emergency calls taken 24/7.

  • We know there are times when you must be at the airport early or have to work odd hours; with prior approval, we will accept dogs outside our normal business hours. (Extra charge may apply)
  • We feed high-quality, grain free food, but you may want to bring your dog’s usual food, Please understand we cannot guarantee that your dog will not eat our dog food nor that other dogs will eat your dog food. Also to avoid any food aggression issues we like to have several bowls of food down at all times. If you feel this may be a problem please call and we will see if something can be worked out.
  • We recommend a visit before the initial boarding/daycare session to see if you feel we are a good fit for both you and your dog. If so, the Questionnaire and Owner Contract can be filled out at this time.
  • Payment for services will be made at time of pick up.
  • Reservations must be cancelled 24 hours in advance. Holidays must be cancelled 72 hours in advance.
  • We DO NOT accept credit/debit cards at this time.

Thank you and please feel free to call if you have further questions.
(904) 288-0979