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At Just Like Home Dog Boarding and Daycare your dog will not be confined to a small dog kennel or run for the day, but freely able to go in and out of our home via the doggie door to a large, secure, fenced in yard where there is plenty of room to romp and play. It is common practice at most boarding facilities to leave the pets alone at night, sometimes up to 12 hours. That will not happen here. Our Dog Boarding Facility is in our home and your dog will be treated like one of our own.  
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    Jacksonville dog boarding company, Just Like Home Dog Boarding, believes boarding your dog at a dog boarding facility while you travel should not be a stressful time for you or your dog.  Dog boarding facilities are the most busy during typical travel seasons.  So if you are planning a trip it is important to remember that reputable dog boarding facilities can fill up very quickly which can leave you to choose from dog boarding companies that may not treat your dog with the love and respect it deserves.  We love dogs and our dog boarding facility will always treat your dog with the level of care you would want then to be treated.  Let's face it your dog is part of your family and we know you would love to be taking your dog with you when you travel.  If you are not able to take your dog with you the next best thing is leaving at a place that feels like a home.  Just Like Home Dog Boarding can be your dogs home away from your home during your travels.  We would consider it an honor to be able to spend time with your dog.  

    When you leave your dog with us you can rest assure we will treat your dog just how we would want someone else to treat our dog.  We really do feel that a dog is a member of the family and when your dog is at our boarding facility we will treat it like a member of our family. Just Like Home Dog Boarding promises that we will do everything possible to make your dog's time with us a positive experience. We want your time away to be both relaxing and stress free knowing your pet is receiving the best care, love and attention we are able to deliver. Just Like Home Dog Boarding knows there are a lot of different dog boarding facilities in Jacksonville, but if you are looking for that special place to board your dog then Just Like Home Dog Boarding and Daycare is the place for your pet.
Specializing in small breed dogs
.PAUL'S Cell  904- 382- 1474
You will not find many dog boarding facilities that will answer emergency calls 24 hours a day, but we will. Your dog will not be left alone at night time and we go out of our way to make sure your dog is comfortable and not scared in the new environment.  We are with the dogs and they are not left alone at night time for extended periods of time.  When the weather is nice there are many times of the day when we are outside of the house with the dogs so our cell phone numbers are also listed here on our site in case you cannot reach us on our main business line.  We are one of the highest rated dog boarding companies in Jacksonville, but our prices are more than competitive.  Our prices are lower than most dog boarding facilities because we operate out of our home which allows us to keep lower overhead costs and give a more personalized and caring dog boarding experience.  Call us today to schedule a time to come and view our facility or drop off your dog.